We invite you to look closer at outcomes of this project – Coaching Burnout Syndrome Solution. The project product is a web page presenting in simple and clear way the burnout term and ways of preventing it, overcoming and available support.

Burnout - prevention, support, coaching

By visiting this link http://job-burnout.eu you will find:

  1. Up to date information burnout phenomenon
  2. Methods of overcoming and preventing burnout
    1. by yourself
    2. with external support
  3. Burnout test on-line
  4. Description and tips on coaching in preventing and overcoming burnout
  5. Supporting organisations in partners countries
  6. Coaching on-line – free of charge on-line coaching scenario consisting of series of exercises supporting individuals dealing with or preventing burnout.

The whole coaching scenario has been tested on group of volunteers and approved by professional. You will find testing report beneath.

Read Coaching On-line Testing Report (EN)

During the project the quality system was introduced. The methodology and the results of project evaluation is presented beneath.

Read C-BOSS Quality System Report (EN)

Sopot – June 2014


In the wonderful framework of Sopot (sun, beach & sea) we worked together in order to show the near-to-definitive version of our products (web page and platform) to the learners and the team staff and to decide on the final details and on specific concepts to be carefully translated. It is a pity that this was or last meeting, but for sure, the partners want to do some more joint activities.

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Gdansk Publishing Coampany – Education (GWPS)


logo_gwpsGdansk Publishing Company – Education (GWPS) was established in 1999 as the educational subsidiary of GWP – Gdansk Publishing Company (GWP) operating in psychology, psychotherapy, education and managing field. GWPS offers education and training programmes based on NLP, kinesiology, accelerated learning and other modern methodology as systemic thinking, working with metaphor in clean language, promoting peak-states of consciousness and COACHING. GWPS is one of the first schools in Poland for educating coaches and has completed many editions of Study for Coaches (150 – 300 school hours each) with  authorial programme. It provides complex services in the area of management and development of organizations and their personal capacity in the form of individual coaching, group coaching, team coaching and workshops. GWPS educates coaches (understands the process) and offers different types of individual and group coaching (understands individual ways of learning).

GWPS – Gdańskie Wydawnictwo Psychologiczne Szkolenia
ul. Szpilmana 13, 05-092 Łomianki Dolne, Poland
tel. +48 502033734 mail: gwps@gwps.pl www.gwps.pl



The “Coaching Burn-out Syndrome Solution” (C-BOSS) Project is an international initiative gathering professionals in the area of coaching, support and education of adults. The aim of the cooperation within the Grundtving programme is to share knowledge and experience with respect to the professional burnout phenomenon in the partner states and to develop the best method of supporting people suffering from this syndrome via coaching online. Continue reading