The “Coaching Burn-out Syndrome Solution” (C-BOSS) Project is an international initiative gathering professionals in the area of coaching, support and education of adults. The aim of the cooperation within the Grundtving programme is to share knowledge and experience with respect to the professional burnout phenomenon in the partner states and to develop the best method of supporting people suffering from this syndrome via coaching online. Continue reading


Project aims are of two-fold nature.

The first level pertains to the education of organisation’s staff: familiarisation, learning, experience sharing and implementation of various coaching methods in the partner organisations by their staff, as well as introduction of practices supplementary to coaching used in cases of professional burnout.

The second level aims to develop an online coaching tool to educate and support adults in overcoming difficult personal or professional situations. The e-learning platform will allow one to experience coaching, extend knowledge on complementary methods and gain easy access to professionals in this area. Continue reading



There are seven mobilities* in C-BOSS programme:

1 Austria Vienna 2012 26th-27th November
2 Italy Rome 2013 31st January-1st February
3 Poland Warsaw 2013 27th-28th May
4 Great Britain London 2013 19th-20th September
5 Austria Vienna 2014 30th-31st January
6 Italy Rome 2014 5-6th March
7 Poland Sopot 2014 June

Mobility means any one person foreign trip (adult learner or worker) to the partner organization.