The “Coaching Burn-out Syndrome Solution” (C-BOSS) Project is an international initiative gathering professionals in the area of coaching, support and education of adults. The aim of the cooperation within the Grundtving programme is to share knowledge and experience with respect to the professional burnout phenomenon in the partner states and to develop the best method of supporting people suffering from this syndrome via coaching online. An important element of the project is the focus on the multi-lingual e-learning platform supporting the coaching process. The exchange of European participants’ experiences and knowledge allowing for the development of an effective and unique method of conduct and for its dissemination in the partner states will be possible thanks to independent work, working meetings and test workshops within the project.

Recently, coaching has become an increasingly popular and appreciated method of supporting people facing social, professional and personal change. The typical coaching target group is the business environment, in particular the management. Meanwhile, the professional burnout phenomenon is widespread also among people performing other social roles, e.g.: middle and lower ranking employees, the self-employed, mothers bringing up children, the retired, the unemployed. The awareness of the professional burnout syndrome has been present in the West European countries for several decades. Among the New EU members the knowledge regarding this phenomenon appeared only recently. Modern economy, the speed of socio-economic change intensify this phenomenon. This is why we want to take advantage of the skills of the organizations dealing with coaching, development in business and professional burnout to create a coaching programme as a generally accessible free online tool. It will be used to support and motivate interesting users to overcome the burnout syndrome both in their professional and non-professional roles.