Project aims are of two-fold nature.

The first level pertains to the education of organisation’s staff: familiarisation, learning, experience sharing and implementation of various coaching methods in the partner organisations by their staff, as well as introduction of practices supplementary to coaching used in cases of professional burnout.

The second level aims to develop an online coaching tool to educate and support adults in overcoming difficult personal or professional situations. The e-learning platform will allow one to experience coaching, extend knowledge on complementary methods and gain easy access to professionals in this area.

The first level cooperation aims to:

  • establish permanent international collaboration with foreign professionals and practitioners
  • collect information on specificity of the phenomena and the methods of dealing with it in various countries and cultures
  • enable trans-border exchange of experiences and skills typical of various languages and states
  • extend the awareness of social and intercultural differences and similarities
  • extend the coaching concept in educating adults
  • facilitate understanding of the specificity of work with foreigners working outside their home country.

The second level cooperation aims to:

  • select the most effective coaching scenario for people experiencing professional burnout
  • transform and implement the scenario on a user friendly and accessible e-learning platform
  • make the platform available free of charge in the national languages of all project partners to people in need of support
  • make the platform available free of charge in the national languages of all the partners to the organisations dealing with education, developing human potential and professional support.